Intercessions – December 2017

Holy God, help us to clear space in our lives where your holy presence may grow and produce fruit. Remove from us those things which cause hurt to others and hurt ourselves. Plant seeds of joy and peace so that love might grow, grant us the grace so that we live in harmony with others.

We praise you for the beauty of the earth’s seasons, they provide us with the opportunity to enjoy your creation. We give thanks for all people, all so wonderfully different, yet each created in your image. We give thanks for Jesus, our Saviour, at whose birth in Bethlehem a star lit up the sky, who died on a cross to show your great love for us all.

Eternal God, in the darkness of our broken world, we thank you for the light of Jesus which shines to give us courage and hope. Light up our hearts as we praise you and our minds as we hear your word. Bless those who are called upon to fight as they serve in armies in conflict zones. Give wisdom to those politicians and world leaders who negotiate to bring about reconciliation.

Strengthen all of those who work to protect the vulnerable or show compassion to those whose lives have been subject to physical and spiritual distress.

We pray that your Holy Spirit would work in us to help us to serve you day by day. Prepare us to do your work. Give us eyes to see you at work in our lives and in everything around us. May the joy of your salvation burn brightly in our soul so we may share that with your lost children so they may be drawn closer

Hear our humble prayers that we may serve you in holiness and faith and give voice to your presence among us until the day of the coming of your Son, Jesus

Christ, who lives and reigns for ever and ever. Amen.
Christ, born in a stable, give courage to all who are homeless.
Christ, for whom the angels sang, give the song of the kingdom to all who weep.
Christ, worshipped by the shepherds, give peace on earth to all who are oppressed.
Christ, before whom the wise men knelt, give humility and wisdom to all who govern.
Christ, whose radiance filled a lowly manger, give the glory of your resurrection to all
who rest in you.
Jesus, Saviour, child of Mary, you know us and love us, you share our lives and hear
our prayer. Glory to you for ever. Amen.