St Paul’s Indigenous Plants Site – Nerrina Wetlands

Since September 2016, of 220 plants that we’ve planted, 90% are still alive, most thriving and many flowering – see Elaine’s marvellous photos!

Such a success rate is unprecedented! We started tentatively, planting 40 plants at our first effort in 2016 but hit 100 at our September planting this year.

We’re seeing our earlier plantings, such as the suckering bidgee widgee (see Elaine’s photo) starting to spread, with the indigenous tussock grasses starting to seed. This means one new job will be to scrape back and remove the exotic plants (otherwise known as ‘weeds’) that are in the way of our regeneration efforts.

We might even manage to arrange for a little bit of fuel reduction/plant regeneration burning…..

What’s more, we’re the only group concentrating on putting back these ground layer plants that used to grow in our native woodlands & along our waterways. Thanks to Roger Thomas & the volunteers at the Ballarat Community Indigenous Plants Nursery for the supply of plants.

Thanks, too, to our volunteers; amongst others: Avis Mason & grandchildren, Elaine, Pauline & Barrie, Mark & Deirdre, John & Lyn, Mary, Fr Graham and Graham & Julie.

Due to the success of our venture so far, based on 2 to 3 ‘bees’ each year, here’s what’s planned for next year (2019):

  • Extension of area planted to accommodate our expansionary mood.
  • Four ‘bees’: April – clean up & planting prep; July (sorry) – planting; September – planting; November – maintenance & review.
  • Throw in short walks/tours of inspection to check how the Wetlands and nearby Yarrowee River are progressing.
  • Involvement with the Friends of the Yarrowee Inc – we’ll be covered by insurance, become part of the wider Yarrowee community & be able to add our weight to calls for more Council involvement with the ‘greening’ of the Yarrowee Valley. Plus, we might gain some more volunteers (Friends Coordinator, Neil Heygburts, was at our November ‘bee’).

Hedley Thomson

21st November 2018

This weeks Quality

Alertness vs. Unawareness

“Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” (Mark 14:38)


This means being aware of that which is taking place around me so I can have the right response to it.